Hot off the Press! In January 2014, the Boston Globe named Lexington High School the top high school state-wide.  That is no surprise.  Lexington High is indisputably on par with the best private schools.  With nearly 2,000 students, LHS is considered a mid sized public high school.  Academically, it’s truly college prep; Harvard recently noted that LHS is its #5 feeder school; #1-4 were top private schools and/or magnet schools such as Boston Latin.  But it’s not just the academics.  D89A0712Sports are popular and excellent – recent state championships in soccer and softball, with swimming, track, baseball and lacrosse also top programs.  The theater and music departments are unparalleled.  I love telling people that Lexington High theater productions are the cheapest source of top-notch entertainment around.  Once you go you’ll be convinced that more than a few students on that stage could be Broadway bound.  You’ll be right.

If your child is not a top scholar or athlete, it’s not a problem.  Classes are taught at all levels and there are so many clubs and activities that every student can find his or her place. With a minimum GPA, students are allowed off “campus” for lunch for their Junior and Senior Years.

Here is a common question I get:  “My wife and I went to Harvard and Wellesley. Our children are bright but we don’t feel they’ll do well in a large high school with a super competitive environment.”

Because of the demand, Lexington schools will unfortunately not schedule a tour or even facilitate a visit until you’ve purchased a home (or have a rental contract in hand.)  But I find that they do a lot to create a small environment. Despite its size, Lexington embraces new students.  Students get excited to see new classmates.  If your child transfers mid-year, they’ll be assigned a “buddy.”  As a Junior, my daughter was assigned a buddy to take under her wing.  She loved showing him and his Freshman little brother the town and helping them meet new friends.  Students get assigned a homeroom teacher , which carries on throughout all four  years.  Students love this, and it’s another great way that transferees can quickly make lasting connections.


  • Number of Students – 1,991
  • Teacher/Student Ratio-12.8:1 (2012/2013)
  • Principal – Laura Lasa
  • Address:  251Waltham Street
  • Main Office:  781-861-2320
  • Website:    http://lps.lexingtonma.org/lexingtonhs