The inspiration for the size and style of Ponybrook started down south in Tennessee where the Barons’ would often spend time with their daughters. Driving around Nashville, they were taken by the architectural charm of the Arts And Crafts style. These homes fit the Baron’s philosophy to build better, but not necessarily bigger, homes.

Arts and Crafts homes, or the American Craftsman movement, first appeared in the late 1890s as the antithesis to ostentatious homes owned by the upper middle class. The Arts and Crafts movement was all about creating beautiful, yet functional homes with clear site lines throughout. These homes, with their use of natural materials and custom woodwork, created living spaces that emphasized handicraft and simplicity.

Natural aesthetics are key in Arts and Crafts homes, from their rich earth tones to use of hand-crafted stone and exposed rafters and brackets. Exterior construction often includes low-pitched, hipped or gabled roofs with overhanging eaves. Large double-hung windows flood the homes with light and porches connect the indoors and outdoors seamlessly.

The Barons are thrilled to include Arts and Crafts style homes at Ponybrook in Lexington, bringing their charm and simplicity to today’s modern lifestyle.

Also incorporated into the homes are some of the ideas from Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House”, like efficient use of space, multipurpose rooms, increased energy efficiency, open site lines and floor plans more appropriate for today’s informal lifestyle and needs.